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Plainfield, Indiana

Items we are accepting this week

Monday January 13 - Sunday January 19 we are taking:

Boys: 3T - 12

Girls: 3T - 10

Maternity: all sizes of tops only!

*We will accept all sizes of coats and boots*

*Fall and winter clothing only!*


Drop Off Procedures and Guidelines


  • We ask that  you bring your clothes to us freshly laundered and neatly folded in hard plastic containers. Please do not hang or pin your items. Boxes, bags, and sacks will not be allowed for drop off.
  • We only accept a max of two totes or laundry baskets at a time.
  • If you do not want sets separated, please specify.
  • We accept coats, all seasons of shoes, Halloween costumes, and swimwear year round.
  • We accept clothing every day.  We post the sizes and seasons we are taking for the week  on Facebook, in the store, as well as this website. New sizes are always updated by Sunday. Please take special note that your items for drop off match the season and sizes we are currently buying.
  • It will take 3-4 days to get through your items, we do not buy on the spot.
  • We will call you to come back in when we are done going through your items. Anything that we are going to pass on stays in your tote and is returned to you. The items we remove into our tote, we make you a cash offer on.  All drop offs must be picked up within 48 hours after the call or your items will be donated.
  • We accept toys and equipment every day. We ask that they are clean, include batteries, and have all of  their pieces. If you have smaller toys, please put them in a hard tote. 
  • Items with any odor (smoke, storage smell, essential oils, etc.) will not be accepted.
  • We do not accept breast pumps, diaper genies, potty chairs, or underwear.

Drop Off Location Options


We accept drop offs in-store from 10am- 7pm.

We, also,  accept drop offs through our Express Drop Off - Monday thru Friday 10am - 3pm and Saturday 12pm - 5pm. Simply pull to the back of the store, call the number on the sign, and we will come out to get your items.

Boutique & Specialty Items



We have every color bow you can imagine, and in varying sizes as well. We have a large selection of new handmade bows and headbands. We also offer a large selection of gently used hair accessories.



Need a customized birthday outfit? We have a collection of birthday outfits for different ages and different themes. We also accept special orders on these items.



No matter the holiday we have a variety of new boutique outfits as well as a section of gently used clothing in that specific holiday.



For our sporty kids, we have a selection of new boutique sports outfits, including specialty tutu sets. Special orders can be placed on these items.



Our boutique is fully stocked with new outfits that change out depending on the seasons.



We have new necklaces, scarfs, headbands, hats, suspenders, ties, bow ties, moccasins and more!

Melissa and Doug Merchandise



Activity pads




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2481 E Main St. Plainfield, Indiana

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